Free Smilies

In order to obtain over 10,000 free smilies and emoticons, all roads lead to

If you are searching the internet for smilies, you will be taken to every time. Here, you can download free smilies for every occasion, every emotion, and more importantly, for any browser. Smilies can be used in emails, instant messaging, blogs, websites, and even for your mobile phone!

Smilies have come a long way since the one-dimensional smilies you were use to using on your default browser. Today, however, a new generation of smilies has emerged encompassing the most advanced graphics. There are talking smilies, sign-holding smilies, even smilies for seniors. Colorful and animated, the free smilies are yours for the taking. All you have to do is sign in to and let the games begin!

Another site which also has some cool free smilies is In addition to the holiday smilies, they contain smilies in the following genres: entertainment, flags, hobbies, humor, love, patriotic, sports, weather, work, school, and world. The world smilies, in particular, are ingenuously created and you will have a great time choosing among the thousands of world smilies available.

To download your choice of free smilies, simply click on the download button and you will be taken to smiley central. There, once you join, you can immerse yourself in the pleasure of viewing the tens of thousands of smilies available to you and use them in any medium you choose.

Another new feature for smilies is the smiley sign generator. If you go to, you will be able to create your own text for smiley signs which you can then use in chats, forums, IMs or blogs. In fact, this site also offers you the opportunity to enhance your signs by using their glitter text generator, which would be fun to use during the holiday season.

Simply copy the code on the specific smiley you are interested in and copy and paste it to an email, or wherever you wish the smiley to appear. There is no downloading involved, and this is perhaps the quickest and most efficient way to add begin collecting free smilies for your own personal use. Check out this site and the incredibly beautiful examples of glitter graphics that are available.

Today, more than ever before, everyone needs a good laugh. More importantly, bringing sending free smilies to relatives and friends can surely brighten their day as well.