Smiley Icons

Smiley icons have become the newest and most ingenuously created forms of expression used on the internet today. In fact, the smiley has progressed from a one-dimensional icon to 3D smilies, which can be found in all shapes, sizes, and characters.

Smiley icons now encompass all areas of expression in sports, humor, entertainment, holidays, and thousands of other creative forms which you will want to use in your IMs, emails, websites, forums, blogs, and chats. offers you an amazing array of smiley icons unsurpassed by any other site on the internet. The emoticons within this site add a variety of emotions that run the full gamut of emotion.

In fact, this new generation of smiley icons is creatively animated to cover every conceivable feeling you may want to express. Talking smiley icons, sign-holding icons that glitter, thought for the day icons, and icons that are just plain hilarious are part of this website’s library of smilies.

With the holidays soon approaching, utilizing the smiley icon sign generator can afford you the opportunity to send greetings to family and friends. Creating your own text using the smiley generator is just another added feature in the world of smiley icons that has become the latest and probably most sought after icons available.

At, you can choose among a huge variety of smiley icons such as: animals, cartoons, foods, expressions, humor, fantasy, holiday, musical, nature, romantic, sports, movies and TV, zodiac, weather, and others.

There was a time when using key strokes to express your feelings was the norm. With smiley icons you can truly show how you feel by downloading the more than 10,000 smiley icons available to you from

The other option you have is to visit many of the smiley websites and copying and pasting the smiley code to your website, form or blog. It’s that simple.

There seems to be no end to the creative way in which smileys are now created. Suitable for any occasion, you can spend hours on the internet and marvel at the way in which these smiley icons were designed.

If the current browser you are using only offers the stagnant one-dimensional smiley icons which you find in your instant messaging box– it’s time to explore the new generation of smilies and add them to your browser as well. The smiley icon will not only delight your friends and family members, but put a smiley on their face as well.